About Me

Hi There. I’m Rhonda Hitchcock-Mast. I’ve been an artist since I can remember. I’m an artist, singer, songwriter, designer, & childrens book writer, etc...I have to be creative all the time! It makes me happy. I received my degree in visual communications and have been art directing, designing and consulting for many years. This is my debut for this type of style of art!

How did I get started doing this type of art? Well, I recently was asked to be married. I of course want the day to be a fantastic day. The first thing on my list was the dress and then secondly was the bouquet. I got the dress and then I started to think about the bouquet. I didn’t want real flowers. I wanted something that was different and that would last. I decided on a “brooch bouquet” to carry down the isle with me. It’s a bouquet made out of flower brooches (or other brooches or jewelry).

I search Ebay and estate sales to find the perfect pieces. I created the perfect brooch bouquet. But, I have ended up with extra jewelry and other vintage pieces. I asked myself, what do I do with this extra jewelry or vintage pieces? Well, it was then that my friend shared a photo of her grandmother’s framed Christmas Tree made out of brooches. My friend admires her grandmother’s Christmas Tree. I thought maybe I could make my friend a similar piece for her birthday. Since my friend likes skulls, I thought I would try one. I created my first skull art called “FANCY”. I then created a couple more skulls. I started to show others and everyone kept saying how cool of an idea this was! So I explored other materials and created other pieces and other subjects.

I can do custom pieces too (out of your special pieces that you want to display in a cool way) just ask me. The ultimate goal with doing these art pieces was to make money for my wedding day. But now that I have been doing these art pieces for the past year, this may turn into something more. All the pieces are from repurposed materials. I hope the piece that you purchase today turns into a family heirloom. I will always give a part of the proceeds to a local charity. My default charity is Chicks With Picks Foundation. I think it is a great way to Repurpose for a Purpose! Enjoy!                                                             

                                               - Rhonda Hitchcock-Mast